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Our Story

Cocktail Bar, Restaurant & Live Entertainment Space
Est. Aug 2019

21st century speakeasy cocktail lounge, bar and restaurant with stunning weatherproof [all year round use] roof garden - The CLF Art Lounge is a 2 floor seated only venue, with cocktail bar, live performance, cabaret and comedy spaces, set up for people to chill, converse, eat drink and be thoroughly entertained. 

Supported by: Hennessy

Velvet Sofa Clad Lounge at The CLF Art Lounge Peckham
The Clf Art Lounge Roof Garden, Peckham. DJs ATN and Artur In Session.

Roof Garden

Spread out over 300 Square Metres, The CLF Art Lounge's stunning fauna laden Roof Garden is spaciously arranged for good times and maximum comfort. With Live music every Saturday afternoon in the form of Latin Jazz Brunch Live + musical events hosted on an ongoing basis, plus a dedicated cocktail bar delivering a range of cocktails to truly drink for. This is one place to  sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

Good times at Broadcite anniversary special up on the roof

We Are Open for Private Events

Whether it be a 21st or a 50th, Wedding or a Life celebration with friends, Corporate Event, Film shoot or Music Video, we are available for private hire. Just get in touch, let us know what you need and we'll do our best to positively make your day.

Contact Us To Learn More

+44 [0) 20 7635 2585

The CLF Art Lounge. Warm intimate space for cocktails  live music and food peckham.

Art Lounge

The Speakeasy Lounge is a velvet sofa clad space where you can enjoy the finest in freshly mixed cocktails, quality spirits, champagnes and good wines. The perfect place to enjoy the finer things in life.

Music & Entertainment

Live In The Lounge

Our lounge space is home to a programme of world class live music, DJ culture, cabaret and Spoken Word. Events delivered from Wednesday to Sunday for your absolute soul fulfilment and good time listening and get down pleasure.

every friday night - live in the lounge peckham at The CLF Art Lounge
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